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Welcome Vanessa!


Briony Darnley

28 January 2016

We have a new recruit! We welcome Vanessa onto our editorial team, so to introduce you all here"s a little from Vanessa herself: "I have recently joined the editorial team for the Woodworking magazine group at GMC Publications. I am mainly focussed on Woodturning magazine, though also have some  ...



Mark Baker

18 January 2016

I have had quite a few enquiries recently about allowing people into one’s workshop to help them with their turning. These enquirers specifically wanted to know where they would stand legally if something untoward happened and someone got hurt. I am not able to advise on insurance aspects, but I am  ...

Happy New Year!


Mark Baker

5 January 2016

Let me start by wishing you all the very best for the New Year. I didn"t do that much over Christmas. I visited friends, started the clear up in the workshop, but as usual, fancied having a bit more of a radical rethink as to how it is used and what it is used for. It must admit to be having a b ...

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