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Holiday cheer


Mark Baker

19 December 2016

It’s almost that time again for us to take a well-earned break over the Christmas holiday. Just before then, however, we need to get a couple of magazines finished off and sorted so there’s no hiccups while everyone is away and so there’s no panic when we get back. I hate it when the best-laid plans ...

The Christmas break


Mark Baker

12 December 2016

Oh how quickly Christmas has come around. As I get older time just seems to go faster. Mind you, with my life being mapped out by deadlines and my days being dictated by places to be on certain days, my perception of days may be different to yours. It certainly makes for interesting times. That said ...

The three 'F's of turning


Mark Baker

30 November 2016

I have, as always, been busy and I was in Ireland last Friday and Saturday at W. H. Raitts store in Stanorlar, Co Donegal. The trip and show was great, and it was nice to be able to catch up with turners I hadn’t seen for a few years. It was however, very cold and there was a strong hoar frost on bo ...

On the road again


Mark Baker

25 November 2016

My journey to and from the North of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate was definitely a long one, but very uneventful. When one embarks on a long journey whether they’re driving or flying or a trip that requires travelling many miles, it can be a good thing. Mind you, avoiding the traffic at 4am  ...

North of England Woodworking show

Mark Baker

16 November 2016

As usual, it is busy in the woodworking department. Christmas is coming and there are condensed deadlines to deal with and also a lot of events, meetings and shows to attend. This weekend I will be at the North of England Woodworking show in Harrogate. DETAILS: When: 18-20th November, 2016 Where: Gr ...

This weekend


Mark Baker

9 November 2016

This weekend I’ll be at home for the whole weekend, which is so rare, I wonder if the bunting will be put out! I am set to move about items in the bedrooms. Hmm! So much for a relaxing weekend! I think we, my wife and I, will go to the cinema though so that will be nice. On Sunday, however, I have t ...

Wizardry in Wood visit

Briony Darnley

4 November 2016

Last month, on 14 October to be precise, I took the train into London to visit my first woodworking show. The show was Wizardry in Wood, the fourth show from the Worshipful Company of Turners, having started in 2004. Now, I won’t give too much away as I have a feature in issue 300 of Woodturning mag ...

The journey to the finished product


Mark Baker

27 October 2016

I have been working on some new ideas and let’s just say it has not been plain sailing. They say the journey is more important than the destination, but I do wish – having travelled many proverbial miles in detours and circuitous routes than I care to think about – that I could once in a while get f ...

Woodworking variety

Mark Baker

21 October 2016

There are numerous reasons why I love woodworking in all its variety, but there are also many reasons why people do not think about it as something for them. Most people’s exposure to woodworking is in the form of what they have in the house, see in magazines, on TV or online and of course any furni ...

Wizardry in Wood 2016

Mark Baker

12 October 2016

Yesterday I visited the Wizardry in Wood Exhibition in London. This event happens every four years and is something that takes a long while to plan and bring about logistically. The event features competitions and displays of work from collectors, makers and various turning organisations and I was o ...

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