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Christmas rush


Mark Baker

22 December 2015

We are busy trying to get everything done before the Christmas break. Invariably there is always a lot to do at this time of year and also Easter. Both time periods have condensed schedules and also because it is the holiday season, we end up with various people extending holidays. It all adds up, k ...

Christmas presents


Mark Baker

7 December 2015

I am smiling as I write this because my last blog caused quite a number of responses. I am surprised that no one disagreed with what I said and that I didn"t get called a "Bah HumBug"! I must admit to having been called that by family members before, so it wouldn"t have been a surpri ...

Countdown to Christmas


Mark Baker

2 December 2015

So, December is upon us and the silly season of spend and buy that is Christmas is in full flow - and it is still 23 days to go to the big day! Actually, many shops started advertising the Christmas "buy…" campaign in early November, as if we could forget that Christmas was coming. I am surp ...

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