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The North of England Woodworking and Power Tool Show 2015


Mark Baker

24 November 2015

I was at the "Harrogate" woodworking show last week and it was great meeting up with people and finding out what they have been making and buying. The show was busy although, due to the event being held in a temporary building, it was cold, however, the new building will be up and running we ...

Turning for charity


Mark Baker

17 November 2015

My turning and carving blogs last week have prompted quite a few people to comment. Thank you for that, feedback is always interesting and very much welcome. I think that clubs and organisations as a whole need to work a lot smarter in how they market themselves and despite what one thinks, it does  ...

A new audience


Mark Baker

11 November 2015

Having been away for a few days there is always the catching up that one has to do as a result of being away, but I have now got on top of things - well all that I can as there is always something that will come from an unexpected angle or blind side me - and can concentrate on moving forward with n ...

Online instruction


Mark Baker

3 November 2015

One subject that has been hotly discussed over the last week is that of internet/web-based videos on craft-based subjects. Of course turning is the subject to cover here and there is a fair bit of chuntering about how poor some of the videos/instructors are. A lot of the comments angle towards what  ...

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