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Common turning questions


Mark Baker

21 October 2015

I have been to a few clubs recently, some just for a visit and some to demonstrate at, which is enjoyable, although the journeys to and from are, at times, a real pain in the proverbial. But, since no one has yet created matter transfer units to speed things up, then car travel is the only viable op ...

Club finances


Mark Baker

13 October 2015

The nature of what we do as editors involves some travelling and I will be out of the office visiting manufacturers, retailers and a woodturning club this week. It is a nice mix and will enable me to see what is going on and what people are up to, although it"s likely to mean a late night tonigh ...



Mark Baker

9 October 2015

I must confess to not having done much turning lately. My excuse? Well, for the past week, I"ve had a sore neck and shoulder. Goodness knows how I did it, but the last time it happened after I turned my neck to check a side road at a junction and something went "click". All I know is it& ...

Report from the Irish Woodturners Guild Seminar


Mark Baker

1 October 2015

There isn"t much in the scheme of things that causes me to become vexed about things, but when Colwin Way and I were asked to judge the Chapter Challenge Collaborative competition this weekend at the Irish Woodturners Guild Seminar (IWG) this caused me some - shall we say - trepidation. I am alw ...

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