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Celebrate our differences


Mark Baker

27 August 2015

There are often discussions - and I heard some again recently - going on or being relayed and then discussed further about what turning is and what constitutes "turned work". Invariably the nub of the discussions is how much of the work is done purely on the lathe using turning tools versus  ...

A farewell to Tegan


Mark Baker

17 August 2015

This week is set to be as busy as always, but one thing that will change a lot from Monday 24 August is that Tegan is leaving us. Anyone who knows Tegan knows she doesn"t like a fuss, so writing this is something that will make her cringe, but I think is a good thing to credit where credit is du ...

Association of Woodturners of Great Britain seminar


Mark Baker

13 August 2015

Last week saw me attend the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain AWGB seminar. To say that there were a lot of things to see and do was an understatement. I will feature a report on this is Woodturning magazine, but you can see in the photographs just some of the items that caught my attentio ...

Woodturning seminars


Mark Baker

5 August 2015

I shudder to think at how much time people put in when organising seminars around the world. Couple that with the amount of stress they must encounter and it is something I would not want to bear. That said, I for one would like to thank them all for the passion they have and the desire to put toget ...

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