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A little help


Mark Baker

28 July 2015

I have mentioned before that I owe a great deal to many people who helped me when starting my ventures in woodworking. From the people on the firm that I started with for my apprenticeship; those that helped me when I was teaching; the many who helped when I was in manufacturing and those who have s ...



Mark Baker

22 July 2015

There isn"t much that cannot be solved with patience and having an attention span longer than that of a gnat. The problem I find is that some people who wish to start something want to do it NOW!!!! That means they do not realize that learning anything requires patience to practice and that mean ...

Using the Internet


Mark Baker

14 July 2015

Thank you for the responses to last week"s blog. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. I think that there will always be questions asked about various subjects and there are a core lot that crop up all of the time. I think we all face many challenges, but know that we can deal with some and other ...

Fun in turning


Mark Baker

7 July 2015

It is funny how about every six months or so conversations come to the fore again having supposedly been solved and the world put to rights regarding the subject covered. Ok, we know that there are "hot" topics that will consistently be explored and discussed and, as some have mentioned, it  ...

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