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Giving it a try


Briony Darnley

29 May 2015

So, I have finally had my first hands-on experience in woodturning. While visiting the Weald of Kent Craft and Design Show - at the beautiful Penshurst Place - I was offered the chance to try my hand turning a bowl. Admittedly, the bowl was already in shape, but I got to turn it down even more. With ...



Mark Baker

21 May 2015

I have just come back from visiting the Utah Woodturning symposium and I always find it fun and a real treat visiting such places and events. The AAW symposium will be in Pittsbugh, 25-28 June. The Southwest association of turners (SWAT) will have one in Waco in 21-23 August. The Association of Wood ...

May bank holiday


Mark Baker

5 May 2015

The bank holiday has come and gone and this week will see me tidy up some things before I am off on holiday again from Sunday, this time in the USA. On Monday my wife and I went for a walk and a trip out for lunch. The weather was lovely during the morning so it was a nice time to go out. We went to ...

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