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Be open-minded


Mark Baker

28 April 2015

If I hear one more comment from someone saying; "that is the only way of doing something", or "well, that is not the right way to do it" - even though the technique being used clearly works and is as safe a method as any of the alternative options, I will scream. I must admit I"v ...

Turning tuition


Mark Baker

23 April 2015

One subject that crops up time and time again is that of tuition and when, if ever, one needs any. Now this can be a "hot potato" as a topic to comment on as there are going to be as many opinions on this of various persuasions, ranging from "yes", "no" and the varying commen ...

Catching up


Mark Baker

16 April 2015

I hope you have all been busy in the workshops while I have been away? As you can imagine, coming back I am invariably playing catch-up. Come Monday all will be back to normal. So, if you are awaiting any responses, please bear with me. It is surprising how many things pile up and seem to lurk and c ...

Exciting news!


Tegan Foley

10 April 2015

Hello! I"m back in the hot seat while Mark is on holiday so I thought I would take a minute out from my heavy hectic schedule to say hello! Well, it certainly is nice to see some sun, finally, and I"m sure all of you are taking the opportunity to get back into your workshops, dust off the la ...

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