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Off on my holidays


Mark Baker

23 March 2015

Well, it is all systems go. I am on holiday as of the end of this week for a few weeks and the book I have been working on is not finished. I have quite a bit still to do and it is causing me some sleepless nights. This one is to the wire and I am not happy about that, but things conspire and get in ...



Mark Baker

17 March 2015

When visiting a new place, exhibition, event and so on, I always get that sense of anticipation of what I will see and experience when I get there. I have yet to be disappointed and have always found something of interest. Yes, there are times when on holiday or visiting somewhere the location or, s ...

Sourcing timber


Mark Baker

11 March 2015

I wonder if I may ask for some help. I am after two sheoak (Allocasuarina fraseriana) bowl blanks or plank of wood that will allow me to get two blanks or pieces 250mm diameter, by a minimum 25mm thick? Thicker would be good too. Does anyone have any that I may buy? I have had two pieces split on me ...

The best from a course


Mark Baker

3 March 2015

I was talking to some woodworking tutors the other day and the conversation got around to what people who went on the course were after or expected? It was acknowledged this will vary according to the level of ability one is at when undertaking a course, but as the conversation progressed, the core  ...

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