Metal patination


Mark Baker

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I can"t say I am a happy chap today. Whatever I have been asked, or need to do has gone wrong. It became convoluted or just evolved into a mess. There are days like that for all of us. I must admit to having encountered more of those recently, than I would like and I wonder why that is. Bad luck I reckon, but I will put it down to having to juggle ever more things. I like the virtual juggling of things and have become quite adept, as do we all in various ways.

The book is about 20% behind where it should be at the moment and that is causing me angst. My wife and I are looking forward to our holiday, but I won"t relax until I know everything is in the appropriate box, neatly locked up and sorted. That is just the way I am. If something isn"t where it should be, I will worry.

Workshop time is quite hectic at the moment with articles to write and sort out and photo shoots. It is quite fun trying to find new ways of showing something, or trying to shoot a shot differently. A lot of it comes down to lighting and angles, but it is one way of keeping things fresh.

The picture for this blog always makes me laugh, when people discover it is a rusty wooden bowl. Metal patination effects will be covered by Nick Agar and myself in a coming issue. So keep your eyes open for that one.

We never stand still in our quest to deliver what people are asking for, so keep your ideas coming and let me know what you are making.

Best wishes,



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