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Mark Baker

24 February 2015

There are many instances in life when one looks at something and makes an instant value call on it. We glance at things as we walk, but every so often something captures our attention and the look is more than cursory. At that point, we analyse in a flash why we looked at it, whether we like it or n ...

Picture reference


Mark Baker

18 February 2015

I"m busy sorting out issues of the magazine at the moment, to get ahead so I can go on holiday without worrying about any potential problems and pitfalls. It is ever the case that one is never off duty, so to speak. I have already mapped out a few visits on holiday that will no doubt yield some  ...

Metal patination


Mark Baker

11 February 2015

I can"t say I am a happy chap today. Whatever I have been asked, or need to do has gone wrong. It became convoluted or just evolved into a mess. There are days like that for all of us. I must admit to having encountered more of those recently, than I would like and I wonder why that is. Bad luck ...



Mark Baker

6 February 2015

I will be down in the workshop for a bit this week, completing a few articles for the magazine and experimenting with some more new finishes. I think it"s fair to say there has been so much development and a resulting increase in options for us in the area of finishes and abrasives, that we are  ...

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