20 more items turned!


Mark Baker

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I will start off by saying Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Not as an exclamation that I like it, but as a statement that it is a time that causes me to juggle things faster than normal. I have been doing this some while now so know the ropes, but as I get older, it does, seem to come round ever faster.


I am busy with work, writing a new book and of course trying to finish the "365 Turnings" challenge. 20 more items can be seen in the photo here, which leaves me 73 to finish off in the next two and a half weeks before we break for Christmas. Hmmmm! It’s going to be tighter than I would have liked and I can verify that strategist Helmuth Von Moltke’s famous comment: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” is a truism. I am battling with time, and at the moment, time is winning. I guess we shall see what happens!

Have fun and let me know what you are making for Christmas.



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