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End of year


Mark Baker

23 December 2014

Christmas is almost here and I have seen and been part of the melee that is shopping. I have taken to late night visits to shops to try and avoid the queues. But, I am now finished apart from contemplating a late Christmas evening visit to see if there are any bargains. I have now finished the 365 c ...

Final countdown!


Mark Baker

15 December 2014

Christmas is nearly here and I have seen the melee of the shopping trips, stocking up with things for presents and getting in enough food as if we have a long-siege coming. Maybe the thought of all the people to cater for, people to buy for and the obligatory visits causes this to happen. I think th ...

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Tegan Foley

12 December 2014

Hello, everyone! Well, it"s that time of year when things in the Woodturning office start getting a bit hectic, as we enter our "Christmas crunch" period. I"m glad to say that we are ahead, so I can breathe a sigh of relief, but we still have a few articles to sort out before we can  ...

20 more items turned!


Mark Baker

4 December 2014

I will start off by saying Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Not as an exclamation that I like it, but as a statement that it is a time that causes me to juggle things faster than normal. I have been doing this some while now so know the ropes, but as I get older, it does, seem to come round ever fas ...

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