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Decision time


Mark Baker

27 November 2014

This week will be slightly different from the norm in that I will be meeting with three manufacturers to discuss what is coming next year and such meetings are always very interesting. Not only from the perspective of seeing what they are up to, but also find out "why". Let"s face it, it ...

Nearing the target


Mark Baker

19 November 2014

There has not been much change to what was covered in last week’s blog. I have completed another 18 items towards my challenge and I have got more light pulls, door wedges, bud vases and candle/tealight holders to do. I hope the sales go well for the charitable concerns who have had some of the item ...

Not long now!


Mark Baker

12 November 2014

There"s not much for me to write about this week, apart from saying we are busy. The Christmas deadline crunch is active and severe, so there are condensed cycles for the next few issues. I have quite a lot of meetings happening in a short period of time and also visits to make, as well as tryin ...

Bonfire night


Mark Baker

5 November 2014

Remember, Remember the 5th of November..., is how the start of the famous poem concerning the gunpowder plot of 1605, in which Guy Fawkes was caught - alongside other conspirators - trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He was subsequently tried for treason, found guilty and then hung, drawn a ...

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