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On to the New Years issues


Mark Baker

29 October 2014

Having put to bed the Christmas issue is always fun and invariably hard to get one"s head around in the month of October. That said, I have bought some Christmas presents and made some ornaments already. Sad isn"t it, October and Christmas items have been in the shops since mid-September. I  ...

Surrey Association of Woodturners


Mark Baker

23 October 2014

This weekend I was busy at Sandon and also West Midlands woodturners. It was nice seeing both clubs. The banter at Sandon kept me on my toes and the West Midlands club was fun and lots of questions were asked - it"s always nice, so that kept me busy too. It is surprising how quickly time flies.  ...

Work with wood


Mark Baker

14 October 2014

There isn"t a day that I do not, in some way or other, think about timber - that could be in its living state, cut down and ready to work form, part worked or the finished form. My father and uncle worked with wood and I too was drawn at an early stage to explore working with it. There is someth ...

Keep warm!


Mark Baker

7 October 2014

The evenings are drawing in and we are just about to put to bed the winter/Christmas edition of the magazine. So, my mind is on Christmas even though it is now turning autumn. I must admit that I am also now starting to think about getting back into my fishing and ever present is the turning challen ...

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