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Mark Baker

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anthony and I were busy late last week shoring up and repairing the workshop. Its former role was a chicken shed and then it was converted. It is an interesting space, but does need a complete overhaul soon. Some side panels and sub frames have become so rotten that the window panels have started sliding down into the internal sections and let in water.

We also had cover shoots, five tests to sort out and also an article for Dolls House magazine - yes that is a GMC title too, but one that involves only occasional input from the "woodies", although I suspect there may be a small but sustained input in some way or other coming. It all adds to the fun. So we duly sorted out that, others will no doubt follow.

I have a gallop on to get five demonstrations done and two issues of Woodturning completed and an issue of Woodcarving, before I dash off to Norway for my holiday - a businessman"s one at that. It will be fun, but it is also hard work.

I have only done a little bit of turning in the last week and following are pictures of items done and I am at 123 items finished of the 365 pieces challenge.

Have fun,


Photographs top to bottom

1. 116-118 - Trio of ebonized and gilt creamed ash candle holders with groove/cove decoration - approximately 80mm wide and between 250-320mm high

2. 119-121 - Trio of sycamore tea light holders - approximately 80mm wide x 275mm high

3. 122 - Tool handle for a newly created point tool - Timber unknown

4. 123 - Copper patinated sycamore bowl with turned and carved detail

5. Close up detail of the texture on the patinated bowl

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