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153 turnings


Mark Baker

29 July 2014

This week will see me travelling a lot, visiting various manufacturers, clubs and authors. It will be fun, but the driving will no doubt be a real pain. My journey to get home, of 126 miles, the last few weeks has taken anything from 2 hours 57 minutes, to a whopping 5 hours 17 minutes. So, a round  ...

Necessary tools


Mark Baker

24 July 2014

This thing called "turning" that we do is very strange. We scratch that itch to be creative, but we get frustrated with our lack of progress at times. There is also the strong chance that we will get bogged down in techniques, which may cause more frustration and then we hit a wall as to wha ...

Workshop repairs


Mark Baker

17 July 2014

Anthony and I were busy late last week shoring up and repairing the workshop. Its former role was a chicken shed and then it was converted. It is an interesting space, but does need a complete overhaul soon. Some side panels and sub frames have become so rotten that the window panels have started sl ...

A big thank you


Mark Baker

8 July 2014

It"s a busy week this week. I am tidying off another issue of turning and carving and then at the workshop to do some repairs to the building. The side of the building is timber and let"s just say, that it is worse for wear. So, I will be there for two days this week doing that and hopefully ...

Catching up


Mark Baker

3 July 2014

I have touched on quite a few subjects recently in my magazine leaders and also in the blogs. Thank you for everyone who responded. I have just about caught up with the backlog from my trip abroad and as you can see from my last blog, I was at 91 turnings so far in my challenge and should be at 180  ...

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