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Supporting charity


Mark Baker

24 June 2014

I have created a few more pieces in my turning challenge, listed below, but I am quite some way away from where I should be. By my reckoning, I am now about 90 turnings behind schedule. Oh, how I like to be under pressure. Still, I knew what I was getting into and this is the very thing that I menti ...

Return from the AAW symposium


Mark Baker

19 June 2014

As many of you are aware I have been on my travels and was in the USA last week attending the AAW symposium, which this year was in Phoenix. I can say that the temperature was hot, hot and hotter still. My balding pate and I could not cope with the 107°F heat. Thank heavens for air conditioning and  ...

Veined work


Mark Baker

12 June 2014

Well, I am on another one of my travels and it"s a short and sweet trip, but with a long journey. I have only done two more turnings towards my 265 total. The latest pieces are interesting in as much as I started turning pieces with veins to create an inner shadow shape, in about 2000. I started ...

Craft fairs


Mark Baker

2 June 2014

One of the topics that keeps cropping up of late is that of craft fairs and similar events, how they are becoming more expensive with some being more like jumble sales than craft fairs and that people are not attending - all of this resulting in declining sales. There are a few events which people s ...

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