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Mark Baker

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Having just got back from a demo tour I am a tad tired - it must be my age. I really had a great time at each of the clubs and the organisation by the clubs was excellent. I think I arrived back to Lewes at 11.17pm on Sunday. Following are links to the clubs I visited:

I will be able to add some of my turnings to the tally for the 364. Mind you, they all have to be finished off now and two of the items were turned from large pieces of wet wood and the design needed them to be quite thick - unevenly so - so they might not survive drying out. Such a shame, but it is all part of the fun of woodturning.

I have no finished items to show you this week for the tally, but will have more by the end of next week. I have seven pieces to finish and send off for charity soon too, so much get a spurt on. I am finding the whole experience a lot of fun, but of course challenging to juggle everything.

How are you getting on with your challenges?

Best wishes,

Photograph: Various lidded bowls at different stages of the patination process

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