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A busy start to the year


Mark Baker

30 April 2014

Well, due to a flurry of events and things that needed doing, I am well and truly behind on my personal challenge. I always work better under pressure though. I am up to a grand total of 56 pieces finished, 23 awaiting sanding and final finishing, I have 112 rough-turned pieces awaiting my being abl ...

Easter break


Mark Baker

22 April 2014

Easter break saw me spending time with the family, but we did not get to have the bonfire that we desperately need to have. The winds were too strong and I would have run the risk of setting fire to something else too. That will have to wait for another day then, maybe this weekend when I get back f ...

Easter weekend


Mark Baker

17 April 2014

Last week was hectic. I was in Cornwall visiting a turning group and some authors, and then I was back into Somerset for the weekend at Yandles show. It really is a quirky, fun show. I love being among the timber and the machinery that they use on a day-to-day basis. Thank you to everyone who came t ...

Yandles Spring Show


Tegan Foley

10 April 2014

Hello everyone! Well, once again, Mark is off visiting authors and attending woodworking shows, so that sees me in charge once more! The biggest news in the woodworking sphere has to be the Yandles Spring show, which starts tomorrow and carries on over the weekend. Mark will be there, so do say hell ...

Nice to meet you!


Mark Baker

3 April 2014

I have been dashing about all over the place at various events. One of the highlights of such things is meeting people. I have said it many times before, but human interaction is important to the sharing of ideas. Face to face meetings are a lot more pleasurable that just phoning someone: shows and  ...

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