The South East Woodworking and Power Tool Show


Mark Baker

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It’s March and that means there is a slew of shows to go to over the coming months. It is therefore time to get even busier – if that is possible. This week sees me at The South East Woodworking and Power Tool Show.

I have promised myself not to buy anything other than wood there. Mind you, I say that to myself at every show and barring one instance, have failed every time to resist the lure of something new and shiny. That is akin to me looking at a new fly-fishing website and seeing a new must-have fly design or one that I do not have. They look lovely all neatly aligned in my box but I still come down to always starting with my go to favourites. Does that strike any similarities to what we do in woodworking? Mind you, that is echoed in photography, painting and other hobby, craft and art subjects too. So don’t feel too bad about it.

Anyway, I must remember not to buy anything but timber… Oh, I have just realised I need some new sanding arbors and some Micromesh abrasive. Eek! The shopping list has started already...

Have fun,


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