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Mark Baker

Friday, March 14, 2014

Well, I am still behind on my 365 turnings - 38 done so far, out of 71 days. But, it is causing me to have a lot of fun! I bought timber and accessories at the recent South of England Woodworking Show for these. It was interesting how much timber has risen in price too.

These 365 items are going to cost a lot of money over all. I must try and start using some ’free wood’ too. I tallied up the cost of the timber bought and used so far for this challenge, in these projects alone and it came to a total of £247. I am resolved this is going to be one expensive challenge. But, as I say, I am having fun.

Here are a few of the latest offerings.

Have fun and let me know what you are turning.


Images, from top to bottom:

1. 33 Ash bowl with olive figuring with beaded and cove decoration and recessed pedestal detail. 275mm wide x 150mm high

2. 34 Figured sycamore bowl, 275mm wide x 80mm deep

3. 35 Figured yew bowl, 15omm wide x 100mm deep

4. Spalted boxwood toadstool box

5. Sycamore box, 75mm high x 55mm wide

6. Sycamore round-bottomed beaded bowl, 200mm wide x 80mm deep


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