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Behind with the challenge


Mark Baker

26 February 2014

I am behind with the challenge. This month sees me at 27 pieces behind my target. Eek! Oh well, once I get the accessories on order there will be time to catch up. I now have 60 rough-outs set aside to season, which can be reworked later on during the year. I have also cut 80 more pieces of wood tha ...

Tempus fugit


Mark Baker

19 February 2014

Arghhhh! Where does the time go? Only a few things have been added this week to the list of turnings for my personal challenge. I am sorting out some timber and inserts for the candlesticks and tea-lights that have been requested and I will have those in early March – I have a few already but I need ...

More turnings!


Mark Baker

14 February 2014

Busy, busy, busy is the watchword for me lately – not much new there! My latest book is in the final phases of production and checking, the magazine schedules are always fun to manoeuvre around and and implementing changes and such like add to the melting pot. The demos are fun, although in this wea ...

The rise of the tipped tools


Mark Baker

6 February 2014

I have noticed quite an interesting trend recently that is concerning the purchase and use of tipped tools – tools that have interchangeable TCT, HSS or other such material tips. Think, BCT, Easy Wood Tools, Eliminator, Hunter, Mike Jackofsky, Robert Sorby, Henry Taylor, Ashley Iles, Crown, etc. and ...

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