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365 Turnings so far...


Mark Baker

30 January 2014

It is day 30 of the year and as of yet, I have only just completed my eighth project. That puts me twenty behind at the time of writing this. Two of the items turned were replacement skittles for a set that my friend had – which was a partial set from a free ‘please-take me’, ‘need a good-home’ fron ...

Two new pieces


Mark Baker

21 January 2014

So, it is week three of the year and I have finally got around to creating two pieces for that New Year"s resolution of mine. I said that I would not end up doing lots of small things and would have a variety. The first two pieces cannot be deemed to be small. One is a round-bottomed brown oak ( ...

The hot topic of sharpening


Mark Baker

14 January 2014

One of the hot topics of conversation for quite a while now - although it always ranks high in the top 10 most frequently asked questions – is that of sharpening tools. I am usually asked a few questions at the clubs I visit, and apart from how many projects people turn in a year and a few others si ...

A week in and still no turning!


Mark Baker

8 January 2014

It’s the first full week in the New Year and still no turning, other than creating a potential front cover image for the issue we are working on. So I have nothing to show yet towards the 365 items I have committed to do this year. Eek! Since the weather is due to be nicer than it has been recently, ...

Happy New Year


Mark Baker

3 January 2014

Let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope you had a nice holiday break. Mine was an interesting break. I did end up shopping with my eldest daughter and bought some new shirts – see, I know how to live the high life. The weather, however was not pleasant and during the break I lost ab ...

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