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Mark Baker

16 December 2013

I am planning something as a New Year’s resolution that will either end up as a triumph or a complete and utter failure and it is something I am willing to share in both the highs and the lows of this venture. My travelling and working away from home will get in the way of what I am planning and wor ...

Scenic imagery


Mark Baker

11 December 2013

Christmas deadlines are as busy as usual and I am also in the final throws of finishing off the last tranche of my book, before it goes off to the book editors so they can work their magic on it. This one has been a struggle in as much as lots of things seemed to gang up on me and get in the way. Bu ...

The solution is in your hands


Mark Baker

4 December 2013

Christmas is almost here and I have completed my Christmas shopping, but it seems that everything is not in good cheer. Having been out and about lately at various shows and events, I am hearing that a not insignificant number of clubs are struggling to find people to take an active part in clubs or ...

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