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Thoughts on the magazine content


Mark Baker

26 November 2013

The North of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate last weekend was a fun show to attend and demonstrate at. Lots of questions were asked, not only about the demonstrations but also about the magazine. Such conversations really do highlight the eclectic views and aspects in terms of what people are  ...

Broadening your knowledge base


Mark Baker

19 November 2013

I have been out and about again and this week also sees me at the North of England Woodworking show in Harrogate. It is always fun and busy and I am kept on my toes with the various comments and questions. There is immediacy with demonstrations where there is invariably the odd curve-ball of a quest ...

All work and no play


Mark Baker

13 November 2013

Having been back a week from my holiday it seems as though I have been punched, pulled and drawbored. That’s an expression from my apprenticeship days to indicate thoroughly worn out and exhausted. It seems the older I get, the longer it takes to play catch up. Mind you, I came back to condensed Chr ...

Just over two weeks until Harrogate!


Tegan Foley

8 November 2013

Well, the colder weather is well and truly here and we are very nearly at the end of this year already, which is a very scary thought! However, there is one big event happening this month that I know a lot of you are excited about. Yes, it"s The North of England Woodworking and Power Tool Show,  ...

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