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Mark Baker

Monday, September 23, 2013

I have been on my travels demonstrating last weekend. I was invited to demonstrate at Drechselbedarf K Schulte, a location/company I had never been to before in Germany. It is about about 10km from the Dutch border and about 1.5 hours away from Bremmen airport.

The weather was good and the show was well attended. I have never seen so many demonstrators at what is a store open weekend event. There were turners, carvers, specialist wood suppliers and more. I would, had I not been demonstrating, have had enough to see for many hours watching both modern and tradition techniques being shown. Some of the work on display was stunning.

It is always interesting looking at the different tools and techniques too. The use of the traditional hook tool is very common in parts of Europe but is rarely used in the USA and the UK. We do however use modified forms of it, and its cousin, in the shielded hollowing cutters used on some hollowing tools.

The cup chuck was often used by the demonstrators, whereas we instead would more often than not opt for a scroll or geared chuck. OK, the use of the cup chuck was on spindle work, but six of the demonstrators where turning spindle work including the most exquisite involuted Christmas ornaments, hollow forms, boxes and so much more. The use of forged spindle gouges – rather than milled tools – was again a noticeable difference. The whole experience was education and a lot of fun, even though when I flew back yesterday I was completely exhausted.

For information on the shop and future events – they will be uploading pictures and videos soon – go to www.drechselbedarf-schulte.de

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