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The Irish Seminar


Tegan Foley

26 September 2013

Hello there! Well, I just thought I would write a quick blog as, unusually, I have a spare five minutes! So, I suppose the most exciting event in the woodturners" calendar begins tomorrow with the Irish Woodturners" Guild seminar. How many of you will be attending? I must say that this event ...

Turning in German


Mark Baker

23 September 2013

I have been on my travels demonstrating last weekend. I was invited to demonstrate at Drechselbedarf K Schulte, a location/company I had never been to before in Germany. It is about about 10km from the Dutch border and about 1.5 hours away from Bremmen airport. The weather was good and the show was  ...

A hive of activity


Tegan Foley

19 September 2013

Hello all! Well, Mark is out of the country so I thought I would say hello! As usual, the office is a hive of activity and we are working to tight deadlines, but all is going to plan - thankfully! Issue 258 Issue 258 came out last week - do you like it? I particularly liked Bob Chapman"s "Mo ...

Aldi Workman lathe


Mark Baker

10 September 2013

I note with Interest that Aldi was selling a lathe this weekend. I went in for salami, figs, rocket and mozzarella and saw the lathe. It sells for under £100 and is likely to suit people doing mainly some spindle work, but will also suit small faceplate work. What a turn up for the books! I am intri ...

Profit versus enjoyment


Mark Baker

5 September 2013

Nothing really brings things into focus like a cold dose of reality. A conversation occurred the other day between a few people and it centred on selling work. A comment was made about selling work and how easy it was. This of course made everyone a little startled. Did we hear right? We did and ask ...

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