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Mark Baker

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Competitions always amaze and vex me in equal measure. I am amazed by the work produced by the people who do enter and vexed that over the years, the number of entries in international, national, regional and local shows has, in the main part, been on a steady decline. Why is that? The prizes often on offer are excellent, whereas many offered in the not-so-distant past, which had loads of entries, just offered a rosette and a certificate. And as I say, there were loads of entries back then. Is it that people find things too much hassle and effort, or is there some other underlying reason that I am not being made aware of? Is it a generational thing? The compliance issues and requirements of competitions differ enormously, and as such, some of the terms may be too onerous for people.

I have had the pleasure - if one can call it that - of being involved in many competitions and I have to say that being part of the organising team and sorting out this and that, is like herding cats. There is so much to do and time always runs out quicker than one would like.

Anyway, for those that enter competitions, why do you do so and for those that don’t, may I ask why not? Your answers can be fed into the collective pool of comments - anonymised of course - and used in future discussions with people who may want to venture into organising such things. Comments are always helpful to improve things and also make people aware of concerns others have and take those into consideration.

I liken the decline in entries to that which occurs on a more local club level and that is when there is a competition or even just a display of work, you get a few people enter but not many really when you consider the size of the club. I know of one club in the UK where they have a different approach to such displays and that is that the membership T&Cs say you must bring in work you make to meetings. It is enforced - gently of course – but one is implicit that you are part of that community of people and play an active part, and this is one such way. Let me know how you are getting on with this area in your club, too.

We only have one competition running at the moment. It has always attracted a diverse mix of entries and no doubt will again this year, but we are not complacent and of course, time will tell as to how many entries come in. That said, with the deadline a little way off yet – 31 October, 2013 - we cannot yet compare the number of entries for this one with the previous one Triton undertook. We will of course keep you informed in due course. If you have not seen the competition go and have a look at the following page which has the full T&Cs and so on. Click here to find out more

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