AWGB Seminar - this weekend


Mark Baker

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The next two weeks are ultra busy – yes, more so than normal – and I have a day in the workshop today, finishing off some articles for Woodturning and also Woodworking Plans & projects. Tomorrow we have a press launch regarding new products and this weekend I will be at the AWGB seminar.

This event occurs every two years and is an absolute delight. It is a real treat to get up close and learn form people who you would not normally get a chance to see. I always learn something in demos and will no doubt find some real treasures in the gallery, too. I will share all when I get back. Next week is also busy, dashing here and there and hopefully that will be productive, but time will tell. I am ever hopeful that things will all come together and work to the good, but I have been wrong footed too many times to bank on something in its entirety. You know the old saying of having to speculate to accumulate? Well, sometimes I just have to try and do some things making the best plans I can and hope. More often than not things work out in one way or another, but not necessarily how I thought they would. That said, some of those types of things have often ended up far batter than the original plan.

Have fun this weekend and let me know what you are up to.

Best wishes,


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