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No rest for the wicked


Mark Baker

29 August 2013

Another weekend is upon us and it looks like reasonable weather. I was away from home last weekend, but areas near where I live had over 50mm of rain in a short period of time. I did do some work on my book last week. This week has seen me at a variety of meetings and working with colleagues on cove ...

A rainy Bank Holiday


Mark Baker

23 August 2013

The bank holiday is upon us and the weather forecast says rain for Saturday and Sunday. Rain on a bank holiday… I don’t believe it! I was planning on doing some more work on my new book anyway, so I am not fussed about the rain. This one is vexing me more than usual, but any issues I have with it ar ...

AWGB Seminar - the lowdown


Mark Baker

15 August 2013

I have been travelling about again and last weekend saw me at the at the AWGB seminar in Loughborough. It was an excellent event and I am in the process of writing up a feature on it for the magazine. There was a very good gallery show and lots of experimentation going on, and the chat and camarader ...

AWGB Seminar - this weekend


Mark Baker

7 August 2013

The next two weeks are ultra busy – yes, more so than normal – and I have a day in the workshop today, finishing off some articles for Woodturning and also Woodworking Plans & projects. Tomorrow we have a press launch regarding new products and this weekend I will be at the AWGB seminar. This ev ...

Triton Woodworker of the Year competitions


Mark Baker

1 August 2013

Competitions always amaze and vex me in equal measure. I am amazed by the work produced by the people who do enter and vexed that over the years, the number of entries in international, national, regional and local shows has, in the main part, been on a steady decline. Why is that? The prizes often  ...

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