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Show us what you are making


Mark Baker

19 July 2013

It is amazing to think that so much work is being created that is never seen by many people at all. People work away, often in solitude, and their creations are sometimes viewed by relatives and friends, but I have heard from some people that they this is not always the case. One chap I was talking  ...

An open mind is a vital tool


Mark Baker

11 July 2013

The trip to Tampa, Florida to go to the AAW symposium was, as always, productive but as mentioned, quick and I have just about recovered from the jetlag. It seems that August will be quite a quiet month for me as far as visits, demos and such like, apart from the fact that I am demonstrating at the  ...

A sneak peek


Tegan Foley

3 July 2013

Hello, everyone. Well, it is all go in the Woodworking Office, but nothing changes there! Mark has just got back from the AAW Symposium and we are busy sifting through various images for the joint feature we"re writing on both the Utah and the AAW Symposiums. I"m astounded at the amazing pie ...

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