Workshop re-jig


Mark Baker

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tegan will soon be off on holiday for sunnier climes and a well-deserved break. I will be at the workshop later today working on a few technical articles and reworking the turning and carving areas to make them more user friendly and also easier to work in with the cameras, etc. It is surprising how much kerfuffle such a move about causes, but the end result will be worth it. I remember the last time I did such a thing with the workshop at home. I vowed never again and still remain adamant that will be the case but you know things change over time and that sentiment may be one of them. It is funny that no matter what we have got, there is always something we want to do more, or think something can be done better or even differently that will make all the difference. We all know that thought and sometimes it does make a difference, and other times it has the impact of wasting time only for no benefit.

Things are hectic here. I mentioned I am working on a new book and that is going ahead, albeit slowly. I have to finish that off by the end of June. I am out and about as usual at various locations during that time frame and have trips to Guernsey, Utah, AAW and various clubs and shows in between. So much to do and having to see whether time really is elastic. I have always endeavoured to manage time rather than be managed by it. I am not always sure that I succeed but I have a pretty good shot at doing so. If nothing else. it keeps me on my toes.

Have fun and let me know what you are making.


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