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Calling all tree experts!


Tegan Foley

28 March 2013

Hello all! Well, I"m back from sunny Barbados and back in the office. I must say this week has been somewhat of a struggle, not only because of the extreme difference in temperature, but also because of the mountain of work that greeted me upon my return! That"s the only disadvantage of holi ...

A pleasant comment


Mark Baker

19 March 2013

Every so often a little comment comes to us that catches us by surprise and makes all your efforts in things seem worthwhile. We all know the feeling that we work our socks off and often things go unnoticed, but it is a comment that comes from an unexpected source that causes you to smile and all is ...

Workshop re-jig


Mark Baker

13 March 2013

Tegan will soon be off on holiday for sunnier climes and a well-deserved break. I will be at the workshop later today working on a few technical articles and reworking the turning and carving areas to make them more user friendly and also easier to work in with the cameras, etc. It is surprising how ...

The South East Woodworking Show - this weekend


Tegan Foley

8 March 2013

Hello! Well, this will be my last blog before I head off on my holiday at the end of next week. Things have been pretty crazy since Miriam left – the former deputy editor on F&C and Woodcarving magazines - so, I have had to pick up the slack and work across all of the titles. As I have said before,  ...

Gearing up for the South East Woodworking Show


Mark Baker

1 March 2013

This week has been a lot of fun but also very busy – but then when is it not busy? Anthony and I have been at the workshop working on new items for you to read in future issues. Trying to weave in requests and ideas to cover something in a different way is always fun, but of course there is always t ...

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