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Turning on a grand scale


Tegan Foley

22 February 2013

Hello all, Well, it’s been a busy week as per usual, with two of our magazines on deadline today as well as me trying to get everything done before I go on holiday for a week from 15 March. I like to be busy though, so no complaints there. It’s also been a week of lots of communication with woodturn ...

New Book


Mark Baker

13 February 2013

I have been busy working on my latest book; it is always fun and definitely a challenge. No different to the magazine, really. The main aspect is bringing together all of the relevant information that one needs to know in order to do certain things. Well, that is easier said than done. What knowledg ...

Hogbin on Woodturning


Tegan Foley

7 February 2013

Hello all, It’s been another busy week in the Woodworking office, but also quite an exciting one as well. It’s not often that a book lands on my desk that I find inspiring and beautiful, but that happened this week with Stephen Hogbin’s new book – Hogbin on Woodturning. I have been aware of Stephen’ ...

Saturday demonstrations


Mark Baker

1 February 2013

It is a rainy Friday morning and I am about to go off to the workshop to start my latest project for the magazine. It is always interesting balancing ideas with creating projects that are achievable, something that people might pick up ideas from and develop further and to hopefully enjoy making and ...

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