Happy New Year


Mark Baker

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone. I must admit to having received a chocolate orange for Christmas – yet to be eaten - but I do like them. Apart form that I got some money, a book and some bits and pieces. No tools, but I need some new flame-tipped burrs and will no doubt buy some very soon.

I think this year is likely to be an interesting one in as much as man economic factors are biting and causing us to think harder about what to do when. I know last year that a few regulars at one particular show decided that the overall cost of getting to and attending the event was too much to bear so stayed away. I think with ever tightening budgets we will see this a lot more such choices being made.

I have commented before during the time of people experiencing a tightening of budget there is an upsurge in people taking up craft activities of all kinds. I have seen an increase in emails, conversations and calls to me about starting out in various woodworking disciplines and this is nice to see. I might be able to keep track of a few of the people and it is will be lovely to see how they progress in their chosen field.

Have fun everyone and keep in touch.


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