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Doing demonstrations


Mark Baker

28 November 2012

Harrogate woodworking show was very hectic and a lot of fun. It always is fun meeting up with people. Lots of suggestions came regarding the magazine and content – which is always helpful. But it was also nice to hear what people are doing and making. Whilst I know I was demonstrating most of the ti ...

The North of England Show


Mark Baker

15 November 2012

We have two 12/14 day cycles for Woodturning magazine in the lead up to the Christmas break so it is somewhat squeezed and pressurised to say the least.We have to finish this issue by next Friday, although I am at the Harrogate show from Thursday setting up till the Sunday. The show days are: 23-25  ...

Jack of all trades


Tegan Foley

9 November 2012

Hello there, well, as ever the woodworking office has been a hive of activity. I have just finished researching a turner who was brought to my attention by one of our readers, an Australian turner called, funnily enough, Neil Turner. My colleague Simon was kind enough to write the feature, but I car ...

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