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Mark Baker

Friday, October 19, 2012

It has been a hectic week. I spent two days at the Wizardry in Wood exhibition and then in the office to playing catch up. The joys of such events are not only seeing a rich diversity of work, but also seeing how peoples’ work has developed and changed over the years. Sometimes people take a radical decision and do a complete about turn in their work and others gradually evolve and change things. Whichever route someone takes, I am always thrilled to see the results. I am on record as having said that subtle changes in things can have a huge impact, but there are times when a shock to the system or status quo of one"s work causes much discussion. We all change and develop our work over time and that is a part of our learning process and that is what gets me fired up. I only have one piece of my early turning – an 250mm bowl made from two pieces of pine stuck together with baise underneath to cover screw holes left after fixing it to a 150mm faceplate. Whenever I feel somewhat disgruntled with myself over my work or so–called lack of development, I look at this and somehow it puts things back in perspective.

I now have one more week with which to complete the magazine issue we are working on before I trot off on holiday. I mentioned that in my last blog. I am now starting to get excited about it. My children when young used to ask on journeys, “… Are we there yet?”. I know just how they felt.

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