A weekend of fishing


Mark Baker

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I must admit to having had one of those weeks where I ask myself why I bother with some things at times. Every time I thought something is nailed down, something comes along that is a curve ball from a direction I did not anticipate and the boot whacks me where I least expected it. Hmmm! I am taking a day off tomorrow and going fishing, so will be glorying in the weather, although that is detrimental to the fishing. The scenery and wildlife around me is a real joy and constant wonder, so in truth the fishing is just one aspect of the day. It is a situation where I can be alone with my thoughts and ponder whatever I choose.

It’s funny, but ever since I was young, being near water has had that calming element for me, more so than my being in my workshop - although I love being in there too. I have no idea why this should be, but rivers, lakes, streams and the sea all have the same effect.

I bet we all have such situations and locations where this happens for us. Apart from the workshop, let me know where you go just go to get away from it al,l even if it just is for a little while.

I am in the GMC workshop on Monday on a photo shoot and working on a couple of articles with Anthony – editor of Working Plans & Projects and our chief photographer, and also have some authors coming down very soon which is always fun. It is nice to be able to catch up face to face rather than things being conducted via the phone or e-mail. Although such modes of communication are wonderfully convenient most of the time, they can be somewhat impersonal.

The redesign of Woodturning magazine is going well and of course the holiday season is upon us, which sees many staff spending time away with their families. So, busy, busy, busy is the order of the day.

Now, where’s the fishing gear?

Have a great weekend

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