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A weekend of fishing


Mark Baker

26 July 2012

I must admit to having had one of those weeks where I ask myself why I bother with some things at times. Every time I thought something is nailed down, something comes along that is a curve ball from a direction I did not anticipate and the boot whacks me where I least expected it. Hmmm! I am taking ...

Magazine Tweaks


Tegan Foley

20 July 2012

Hi all, hope everyone is well? As usual, it is all go in the woodworking office here at GMC Publications. We have a lot going on and I for one at looking forward to a well-deserved weekend of rest! The major change that is occurring, as we mentioned before, is a magazine redesign for Woodturning. Do ...

Flooded workshops


Mark Baker

12 July 2012

We should be experiencing finer weather now but as we have recently seen, the rain keeps coming with some disastrous effects. I had water come into my workshop the other week. The rain was at such an angle and direction that it drove under the doors. There was a lot to get rid of and I am somewhat p ...

Toolshow 2012 - this weekend


Tegan Foley

6 July 2012

Hello there, well, it has been a busy week here and the editors are just getting ready to go off to the PR Industrial tool show at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton. Mark Baker will be demonstrating woodturning at the show and Derek Jones and Anthony Bailey will be manning the stand over the weekend. If  ...

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