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Judging the Royal Dublin Society crafts competition


Mark Baker

27 June 2012

It has been a busy month; this last weekend saw me in Ireland. I was on the panel of judges at the Royal Dublin Society crafts competition. I cannot reveal the results yet, but suffice to say it was a great event and with so many categories we certainly had our work cut out. The categories were: woo ...

Back in the Office


Mark Baker

21 June 2012

I am back from my sojourn in the USA, but only for a few days before I whiz off to Ireland till next Wednesday. It is funny how this time of year is the time for many events. I definitely need to master the science of time travel. There is so much to do, but only so many places one can be. I had a b ...

The Holtzapffel Collection


Tegan Foley

15 June 2012

Hello again. Well, it"s another blog from me this week as Mark is still in the US. He will be travelling back this weekend and will make a brief appearance in the office next week before he leaves again for Ireland. As well as visiting the AAW Symposium, he has also been to the International Woo ...

The AAW Symposium


Tegan Foley

8 June 2012

Hello all. Greetings from a very windy Lewes! Well, Mark is now in the USA, where he is travelling around for the next few weeks doing lots of exciting things, while the rest of us have to stay in the office! I know that many of you, and Mark especially, are very excited about the AAW Symposium whic ...

Off to America


Mark Baker

1 June 2012

As you have possible seen in my Woodcarving blog, I am away for most of June at various events. I know I am like the scarlet pimpernel at times, but even this amount of time away from the office is unusual for me. That said, I am looking forward to the events that I will be attending, and as you kno ...

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