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Report from the Yandles Show


Mark Baker

23 April 2012

It was lovely meeting many of you at Yandles show the other week. Sorry it is always a rush. The show is always fun and as always, I was, like many of you, rummaging around in the timber area to see what goodies could be found. I found some and those will be used in the magazine over the coming mont ...

Back from holiday


Mark Baker

11 April 2012

After having a week’s holiday last week I was playing catch up yesterday with things that come in during my time away. That is one of the drawbacks of having a holiday; it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, nothing does or can stop the flow of work. The cycles are rigid. I must admi ...

Looking forward to Easter


Tegan Foley

4 April 2012

It has been a very quiet and productive week in the Woodworking office, which is always a good thing. Mark is on holiday this week and we have been a bit editor-light, but this has given us the opportunity to do lots of proofreading and other such chores which are, unfortunately, part of putting a m ...

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