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Mark Baker

Friday, March 16, 2012

Things have been somewhat hectic in the woodworking department lately. We have condensed cycles because of Easter. There are also two magazines undergoing a lot of changes and redesigns; I have been to Cologne to the Tool fair and the South East woodworking show, both of which were great events. It is always busy at shows and also here in the office, and as I have said before, I love it. However, I have had the most stinking cold and sore throat - the worst in about 17 years. It laid me low on Sunday after the show and on the Monday too, and I just don’t do being ill.

I will be in the workshop most of tomorrow shooting front cover options for all of our four woodworking titles. That is going to be fun. It is so strange shooting cover options. Ask my authors. It is bad enough taking action shots of the articles and trying to get the lighting right, let alone staging. When I first started at GMC many years ago, when reproduction for the magazine was done in Singapore, the owner of the company we used for that wrote on my first proofs on my leader picture: "reduce the glatre on forehead". He did have a wicked sense of humour; but it is true that we still have to be wary of the flash heads and lamps when taking photos of me.

The next show I am at is Yandles in Somerset. If you get a chance to come along, please do so. It is a cracking show.

I will take my leave and continue writing an article on power carving.

Have fun.


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