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Fresh back from Cornwall


Tegan Foley

24 February 2012

Hello! I am fresh back from my trip to Cornwall so thought I would come and say hello. It’s good to see that the weather seems to be warming up – at long last! Yesterday felt especially spring-like. A good excuse for you all to get back in to your workshops and start creating, surely? Cornwall was m ...

Planning to prevent failures and problems


Mark Baker

16 February 2012

We often go to our workshops and pootle around without a clear plan of making something. As we know, our workshops are, at times, not only hives of activity, but also a place to get away from it all and chill out. Many will undertake projects on a whim and a fancy and this can be quite fun and liber ...

The cost of timber


Mark Baker

8 February 2012

I have noticed a huge increase in the cost of some of the wood blanks recently and wondered if I am the only one to have noticed this? I must admit that I have not heard many comments about it and usually there is a flurry of comment and activity when something like this is sensitive to us all. For  ...

A full-scale clean out


Mark Baker

3 February 2012

In the scheme of things I like my seasons to be that, seasons with a distinct variance and not some dull sameness. That said, it comes to something when I go to get a tin of water-based finish and find ice crystals on the top. I love the cold and crisp mornings, but obviously I don’t like such thing ...

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