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Merry Christmas


Mark Baker

22 December 2011

I mentioned that it has been a mad rush to complete magazines in time for the holiday and I am glad to say that we did it. There are a couple of things to sort out when we get back but nothing that will cause us any problems. I have only just finished buying the presents for my family. I didn’t thin ...

The final push


Mark Baker

16 December 2011

It is that strange and mad time of year when everything needs doing fast and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in. It is also an expensive time of year with presents to buy for people and so on. We break up for holiday on December 23 and that break will be most welcom ...

Happy Friday


Tegan Foley

9 December 2011

Hello all, Happy Friday to everyone and I do hope it"s not getting too cold in your workshops? Have many of you been busy turning Christmas gifts? Time is running out! Well, this has been a rather busy week as we are approaching Christmas and are therefore working to reduced deadlines. We have j ...

Christmas is coming


Mark Baker

1 December 2011

The harsher weather is upon us and the Christmas season is well and truly underway in the shops. Actually, they started in November. I am, however, getting worried about Easter and wonder if that is cancelled due to their being no Easter eggs on sale yet. You might have guessed but I am somewhat cyn ...

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