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Mark Baker

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have been at the workshop the last couple of days testing and photographing items for inclusion in a supplement that will appear very shortly. Also, I am off to Harrogate to set up for the woodworking show tomorrow. In addition to the scheduled demonstrations, I already have requests for the Q&A Sessions to look at basic finishing, hollowing and tools needed, effective sanding and also sharpening tools. I am going to be very busy.

I hope to see many of you there.

I have had a marvellous response to my question as to what people are using for heating in the workshop. The funniest quip I received from various people was; “ I don’t have heating, I just speed up my working and that keeps me warm.” It seems that some have woodburners; others use an oil-filled radiator, and some rely on an electric radiator as and when necessary. It seems that there is no consistent response. One person did say that their workshop was annexed to their home and they had double-glazing and radiators which were linked to the house’s central heating system. I have asked for pictures of this workshop as it seems a far cry form the 10ft x 8ft shed that many are using. Some would even call the previously mentioned workshop luxurious. Mine is a single garage annexed to the house and it has no natural lighting in it. Oh, to have some natural light in the workshop, but sadly, other than installing skylights, that is not possible. Also, since it is a new roof, there is no way I am going to muck up what took so long to do earlier in the year.

Keep your thoughts coming.

Also let me know what you are making in readiness for Christmas presents. It is closer to that time of year than we would like to think.

Have fun.


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