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Holiday turning


Mark Baker

27 October 2011

I am in the process of sorting out my workshop, which, it has to be said, has become a bit of a dumping ground recently. I am sure I have discovered several new species of spider in the debris. It seems as though every spider in a 3-mile radius has taken up residence. Anyway, the workshop will be be ...

Judging Time


Mark Baker

19 October 2011

It is busy, busy, busy here, but then when isn’t it? I love the change in weather. I have mentioned before that I like seasons to be seasons and, unless I am getting up too late and miss them, saw the first frost on my way about eight days ago. I am on holiday next week and will love getting up and  ...

Hello from Tegan


Tegan Foley

13 October 2011

Hello, everyone! I know this is slightly overdue, but welcome to the new look Woodworkers Institute website. I hope you like what we’ve done? If you have any comments, questions, etc. then do feel free to get in touch with me. I’m very much enjoying being web editor, alongside being deputy editor on ...

Report from the European Woodworking Show


Mark Baker

5 October 2011

I was at the European Woodworking Show last weekend and what a glorious weekend it was too. The weather was wonderful and the event was, in my opinion, superb. Almost every type of woodworking and traditional crafts were catered for and there was a wonderful array of manufacturers and retailers ther ...

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