The lure of the timber pile


Mark Baker

Monday, September 5, 2011

This week is a hectic one, but then as you have gathered by now most are, and sees me going off to meet a manufacturer on Thursday and then arcing down from that meeting Friday morning to go to the Yandles show on Friday and Saturday.

The Yandles show is always fun and I always have a great time meeting up with many of you there. I am on the prowl for timber - clean white ash specifically - which I find I am encountering great difficulty in getting in any large thicknesses lately. I am after 4 x 4 x 12-14in long sections or 4in thick boards which I can the convert myself. Someone quipped that anything this size is getting rarer than hen’s teeth. I agree.

We go to great lengths to source our timber and we can plough through piles and stacks of the stuff just to find the right bit. This fussy, almost obsessive, searching is a good thing. We know what we want and that is vital in order to us to achieve a given or intended result. Of course, the lure of something odd and unexpected is strong. We see a piece of timber with a stunning figuring, pattern or look and our heart pumps just a little bit faster or in some cases like a racing stallion at full pelt when we something out of this world. We look at it a bit more and think of all the things that can be made from it and then make a quick decision as to whether to buy it or not. Many of us have bought such pieces and I have found that I have bought such a section only to find I have run out of money to purchase that which I intended to buy.

We often talk about the lure of the shiny things – new tools – but the lure of the timber pile is just as strong.

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