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Norwegian Woodturning Cruise


Mark Baker

30 August 2011

I am back from my sojourn in Norway and although busy, what a wonderful trip it was. I am so tired. I spend most of Sunday and some of Monday asleep – but oh, what fun! Odd-Erik pulled off a wonderful event once again. Of course there was turning aplenty and the opportunity to see stunning scenery a ...

Holding the fort


Tegan Foley

17 August 2011

Hello all, As most of you will already know, Mark is currently out of the office and gallivanting around Norway on a cruise ship, meeting famous turners, dabbling in a spot of fishing, and generally having a great time turning. Yes, the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise is certainly an exciting event in  ...

AWGB Seminar


Mark Baker

11 August 2011

It is all go here – which is a permanent state of being in the world of publishing – as we try to get things done so I can go on holiday. Well, I am chuffed to bits that I will be in Norway for a couple of weeks on the woodturning cruise, and whilst it is a bit of a busman’s holiday for me, it is a  ...

Changes are afoot


Tegan Foley

10 August 2011

Hello all, It’s been a while since I last blogged, so seeing as Mark is up to his ears, I thought I would take the helm. Lots has happened since I last wrote here, most importantly, the plans for the re-launch of the Woodworkers Institute. We are all very excited about the new look website and we ho ...

Finding your own style


Mark Baker

4 August 2011

The subject of finding your own identifiable style for any creative process is often talked about but pinning down a route to achieve this is like plaiting fog. It is an ethereal concept that can be picked over forever, but can only really coalesce in the mind of the creator, craftsman or artist and ...

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